Vision and Mission

This project is related with the interaction or sinergy of two dimensions: inner personal change across conscience and responsability creation and collective work for transformative social compromising for justice and peace. From any tradition, spiritual or beliefs stream, we intent to create an space or place to promote different forms of deepening and work in the mutual relationship of the nurturing human interiority by one hand, and the social reality transformation of people by the other hand.

Values and Objectives

A plural and no confessional character

Intercultural, interspiritual, interbelief, interethical,

Solid analisys of reality

We don’t intend superimpose over events our preconceived vision but to see the world from reason and dialogue with phenomena.

The voice of the people without voice

To listen in a preferent place the voice of the victims in all the activities and formative offers.

Meeting spaces

Offering spaces.
Spaces for meeting, training, healer coexistence, conciliatory and motivational coexistence for social and political agents from different scopes.

The voice of the experiences

To listen in a supplementary form the voice of social activist and thinkers, and specialized people in spirituality, ethics and social/political work.

La voz del silencio

To listen the silent inner voice of the conscience and spirit with individual and collective spaces of silence.

A Project with two Dimensions

A Spiritualities House and Social Action Projects

Spiritualities House 
and Justice»

The project’s heart and priority will be a phisical place, a house and other different spaces. Form these spaces we will offer different formative activities. These activities wil be related with inner work, individual and grupal, in orde to promote , to ground and to strengthen the compromise to act and to work socially of the atendants.

Social Action Projects “Land, Home, Work»

Social undertaking Projects (cooperatives, organic farming, craft work) to make the most with the land, to offer works solutions to migrants and disadvantaged people in the surroundings, also with phisical and psicological handicaped people, and also to contribute with the funds, making the project economically sustainable.

Support Letters